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Welcome to my page. My name is Thomas James Dipple, a Fantasy writer living in Stourbridge, England. From this page I will be posting links to my published works as well as updates on new projects.


Let's start with a little about me. I was born in Birmingham and lived there for 24 years before moving to Stourbridge. I have been writing ever since I was at school and have always had Fantasy as my favourite genre, especially heroic fantasy.

Most of my stories focus on people, rather than events, and their reaction to the world around them. Many of them also focus on how far people can go when pushed to the extreme. You can have the most magical world imaginable, but if the people in it are nothing special then there is no story.

The horror stories I write tend to be about everyday things that could be twisted into something sinister.

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I would like to share my latest book realease. Reaper's Challenge is now available online and in paperback.

Reaper's Challenge is the first in a trilogy that follows a group of guards known as The Blades. They are a squad within the city of Kavernhive, a place that has powerful magic that protects its citizens. At night The Haze settles over the city and prevents people from dying of unnatural deaths. Reaper's Challenge follows The Blades as they seek to stop a dark wizard who has managed to break the magic of The Haze and is killing people at night. The wizard is a servant of Reaper, God of Death and is seeking to destroy Kavernhive's magic, bringing panic and death to the city that has not been seen for decades.



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